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Watercolor Call the Farrier – Print


“Call the Farrier” 

by Nancylee Bielawski

An original watercolor print. I noticed this shoe sitting in the pasture, without a horse attached to it. I thought to myself, ugh, now I have to call the farrier! And then I thought, what a great name for a painting! When the sun shone on the steel shoe, blues, silvers, and purples were reflected back and I thought about how very interesting the small details were. This was part of my inspiration for creating the classic, iconic tack collection. The originals were all done in beautiful, juicy watercolors. The idea was to paint these classic details but add something special that also makes them just so pretty to look at!  Everyone knows what a horseshoe looks like, but if you look closely, can you see the purples and blues mixed in with the grey? There is so much hidden beauty in everyday objects.

Choose from 5″x7″, 8″ x10″ or 11″ x 14″ print sizes.

Printed on acid-free watercolor paper with archival inks.



Please enjoy this video clip of how one very happy client organized her collection. It is stunning!


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11" x 14", 5 " x 7", 8"x 10"


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