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Watercolors, Equestrian Wall Art Collection of Four Classic Prints


by Nancylee Bielawski

The Classic, Iconic Tack Collection is a wonderful and unique series of artworks that celebrate the beauty of everyday objects through the lens of artistic vision. I use beautiful, juicy watercolors to depict classic details while adding something special. It’s a fantastic way to transform the familiar into something extraordinary.

Take a closer look and appreciate the hidden beauty in these commonplace items. For example, the purples and blues mixed in with the grey of a horseshoe adds an element of surprise and intrigue. The saddle is done with gorgeous tones of rich dark brown, chestnut, mocha, and chocolates.  You can see rich purple, blue, and black in the helmet and boots. In everyday life, these pieces of equipment seem like just black. But where you really look closely, there are any number of beautiful shades and tones that lend subtle nuances to its beauty.

A collection of four iconic equestrian symbols, painted in watercolor, and available as prints for an instant pop of equestrian flair in your home or tack room!

Sizes 5″x7″ or 8″x10″, or 11″ x 14″

You will receive the four prints shown, all of of the same size.

All prints will fit easily into standard mats and frames which you can find at any home goods or big box store.

This makes a great gift for your trainer or barn owner.

“Call the Farrier” ( we’ve all been there!)

“The Classic Hunt cap”

“The Iconic English Saddle”

“My Tall Boots Await”

Four 8″ x 10″

or Four  5″ x 7″

or Four 11″ x 14″

Here is a quick clip of hoe one client used her collection!

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11" x 14", 5 " x 7", 8"x 10"


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