• racehorse watercolor art on a zipper pouch with original painting behind it.
  • Racehorse art on a zipper pouch perfect for kentucky derby day at the races
  • colorful racehorses art on a zipper pouch , belt and mug
  • My Original racehorses painting that is the source of the art for the C4 belt
  • colorful racehorses in watercolor, on a zipper pouch, belt and scarf layout

Zipper Clutch Bag- Three Racehorses


Zipper Pouches – these colors are vibrant, so juicy and rich!
The material has a tiny ‘pebbly’ pattern. The surface has some texture.
9.5″ x 6.5″
Vegan “leather”
Doubles sided print
Zipper with handle
The inside lining is black with an inside pocket
$45 + 5.00 shipping
The design is from my original painting entitled “Three Racehorses”

Wrap yourself up in this glorious coordinating scarf: