The Stronger Together Collection

The "Stronger Together" Collection

We equestrians are resilient.

 Equestrians are resilient  by nature, and I was so inspired to create a line of art and decor to celebrate the connection we have to our horses.  Whether the barn was your emotional sanctuary, your source of stability, or place of power we are all missing this precious time with our horses. This is designed to be a line of art which will take your love of horses and bring it home.

You work hard to create and enjoy the good times. But, you also know when the rough patches hit it’s time to  just grab a big ole handful of  mane, sit up and add more leg.  2020 has definitely missed a few distances in the ring  and feels like it is trying to buck us off in the corners. Some of us cope with wit and laughter, and some of us are more stoic. Everyone will find something here that resonates with them .  Better days are coming if we can just hang on a little longer.