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Metal Unicorn Sculpture – Moxie


Unicorn Wire Sculpture

Because sometimes we need the fairytales.

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Metal Unicorn Sculpture

Unicorn Art "Moxie"

This is the coolest wire unicorn art sculpture. The materials are fully sourced from horse properties, horse barns, stables, you name it! This sculpture is made from a single wire. The twisted horn  is long and so beautiful in an edgy , eclectic way. If you are searching for a snarky unicorn, or even a steampunk unicorn this one is for you. 

The inspiration was to add a little whimsy to you life. A quirky little unicorn, beautiful, but maybe there is something snarky hidden just under the surface….

Each metal unicorn sculpture comes with a notecard detailing the origins of the piece. It also comes with instructions for ‘The care and Feeding of your Sculpture” These are both placed in an envelope closed with an authentic wax seal. Each piece has a tag with its name and number. Plus the base has soft felt to protect furniture.


The base is approx 12″ long by 6″ wide and 1″ thick.

The wood base is sourced from old barns and fences. As such you will likely see variations in the tones and colors and texture.  You may even see old nail holes. No two bases are the same!

The sculpture is approx 12″ long and 7-8 ” tall.

Each sculpture is made by hand, individually. There may be some variations from the sculpture in the photo because each is totally unique and not mass produced.

The wire spent a previous life containing bales of alfalfa hay. It is cut and then bent and twisted into it’s new life form.

Be sure to check out the snarky unicorn travel mug/ tumbler, ceramic coffee mug , and zipper pouch for a full unicorn experience. More unicorn art and decor can be found here

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