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Metal Horse Sculpture – Serenity

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This sculpture is called Serenity, for all the reasons you can imagine.

Upcycled, Recycled, Reclaimed, Amazing.


The base is approx 12″ long by 6″ wide and 1″ thick.

No two bases are the same!

The sculpture is approx 12″ long and 7-8 ” tall.

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Metal Horse Sculpture


This equine piece is made to bring your own horses to mind.

The materials for this horse sculpture are fully sourced from horse barns and stables. The wire had a previous life containing alfalfa hay.

It is cut , the  hay is fed and the wire assumes a new, previously hidden, character.

It must  bent and twisted into this form, the work is hard but the result is graceful.

The result is the ultimate up cycled scrap metal horse sculpture.

Each rustic horse sculpture comes with a notecard detailing the origins of the piece. It also comes with instructions for ‘The Care and Feeding of your Sculpture”. These are both placed in an envelope and closed with an authentic wax seal. The wood base has felt to protect furniture . Each piece comes has a tag with the name and number.

The wood pedestal is reclaimed barnwood. You may even see old nail holes. Some pieces are more worn than others as you can imagine anything kept around horses earns character.

Each piece is unique and hand made. The sculptures are made in a specific style , but just like our horses, each one is a little different and has it’s own personality.

“Serenity” is a wire horse in a lovely , easy posture.  Her neck is gracefully arched and she is easing along her way. This equestrian sculpture will make you smile. Especially in these days of isolation as we are missing our horses,  that matters.  

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The base is approx 12″ long by 6″ wide and 1″ thick.

 No two bases are the same!

The sculpture is approx 12″ long and 7-8 ” tall.

Each sculpture is made by hand, individually. There may be some variations from the sculpture in the photo because each is totally unique, just like our horses. 

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2 reviews for Metal Horse Sculpture – Serenity

  1. Debra Landreville (verified owner)

    Love, love, my recently acquired “Serenity” wire horse sculpture. The artist has captured the quiet grace of our beautiful equine partners in a piece of baling wire which is amazing. I look forward to following her creativity with this collection and hopefully add to mine!

  2. Rita Bailey

    I am in awe each time I look at my “Serenity” wire horse sculpture. It’s captivating, a beautiful horse has emerged from the twisting and forming of a simple piece of baling wire by the talented artist. I am amazed by her artistic designs. This is a special piece for the equine lover.

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