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Horse Sculpture in Wire- Resilience

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This wire horse art sculpture is named “Resilience”

Because equestrians are Resilient.

This Intro Sale pricing is for a limited time only.

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Horse Art Sculpture

Horse sculpture details you will love


This horse sculpture is made from materials fully sourced from equestrian properties, horse barn and stables.   My inspiration for this horse was to reflect the resilience I see in my fellow equestrians. We are  strong, capable and flexible.  

My idea was to reflect these qualities in my art. This horse is named “Resilience’ because he is strong, watchful and confident.  He is like many horses you know, sort of a sentry watching over his herd.

The idea is to bring life with horses full circle .

Hopefully, looking at this sculpture will bring you joy and make you feel closer to your own horses, even when you cannot be with them. 

As equestrians, we adapt.. we flex and bend and come out the other side shining, We will get there again.

Whether you are into Picasso’s horse sculpture, antique horse sculptures or rustic horse sculptures this one will bring a smile to you face.   

Each sculpture comes with a notecard detailing the origins of the piece. It also comes with instructions for ‘The Care and Feeding of your Sculpture”. These are both placed in an envelope and closed with an authentic wax seal. 

Until then, Resilience. 

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Interesting Info

The base measures approx 12″ by 6″ wide and 1″ thick. The wood is curated from horse properties and as such, it has spent most of its life around horses. You will notice a range of colors, wear and texture. You may even see old nail holes. Each piece has a tag with its name and number. Plus the base has soft felt to protect furniture.

The wire sculpture itself is made with a single wire. It generally measure 12″ long by 7-8″ tall. Each horse sculpture is made individually by hand, so please expect there may be  some variation from the product photos.

The wire spent a previous life containing bales of alfalfa hay. It is cut and then bent and twisted into it’s new life form.

Each piece is unique and hand made. The sculptures are made in a specific style , but just like our horses, each one is a little different and has its own personality.

 No two bases are the same!

Each sculpture is made by hand, individually. There may be some variations from the sculpture in the photo because each is totally unique, just like our horses. 

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1 review for Horse Sculpture in Wire- Resilience

  1. Sharon

    This piece is so beautiful. It makes me think of how much I love my horse everytime I look at it! And it’s made only from things you find in a barn, it’s so cool!

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