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Horse Head Sculpture- We Are In This Together


Wire sculpture, reclaimed barnwood and wire.

“We Are In This Together”

The base  measures approx 12″ long, by 6 ” wide, by 1″ thick.

You can expect to see a range of tones and textures.

No two bases are alike.

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Wire Horse and Hound Sculpture

"We Are In This Together"

Wire sculpture, entitled “We are in this Together”

Horse and hound art : having a sweet moment of communication. Each one seems to know what the other needs or is thinking. If you have been around horses and dogs, you have very likely been a witness to these special moments of private communication. 

During these current times of isolation and quarantine, we are all missing our horses, including our hound friends.

So, I was inspired to create this sculpture as an homage to our canine and equine friends. It is intended to be a physical representation of those moments when we really are There For Each Other, even if that moment  exists solely  in cyberspace.


This horse head sculpture  comes with a notecard detailing the origins of the piece. Each wire sculpture also comes with instructions for ‘The Care and Feeding of your Sculpture”. These are both placed in an envelope and closed with an authentic wax seal. The base has soft felt to protect furniture and each piece has a label with  name and number.

The  base is reclaimed wood from barns and fences. The result is beautiful rustic horse sculpture piece.

It measures approx 12″ long, by 6 ” wide, by 1″ thick. You can expect to see a range of tones and textures. No two bases are alike.

The wire is originally from bales of alfalfa . After cutting the wire to feed the hay, I give the wire a new life.  I bend and twist it into a band new form. This is a physical representation of the way we must be flexible and bend and adjust to a new way of life. It’s ok, we can do it and come out beautifully on the other side!

Each sculpture is made individually by hand, and so you may see some variations from the product photos. This means  your piece is unlike any other. 

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