The Essential Zipper Pouch Floral Horse Design

Sugar cubes and  braiding essentials,

Chapstick tubes or  pens -n- pencils,

No matter the use you need it to be,

This zipper pouch is super handy!

  • 100% Spun Polyester
  • Length 8″
  • Height 4.5″
  • T-bottom 2.5″
  • Inside is black
  • Zipper top

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


Printed Horse Theme Zipper pouch bag

Personal sized mini pouch perfect for busy equestrians.

A busy equestrian has lots of important¬† horses related things to keep track of and manage.¬† One can never have enough travel pouches or handy treat pouches or ways to store braiding gear, makeup, horse show numbers, dressage test or jump courses .¬† This pouch will make you smile every time you pick it up and dole out the sweets to the ponies. You’ll be the envy of your fellow competitors when they see you storing your horses braiding essentials or pulling out the jump course. They will want to know where you got it!¬† The printed colors are beautiful and make it easy see. The T bottom , means it will stand on it’s own as well.¬†

Unique, beautiful, stylish and only available here!

The design on this  pouch features a nice jumper done in a completely original floral pattern in tones and shades of blue. The background colors are very stylish and traditional equestrian colors with a couple of modern options for fun!
The art is originally hand done and used to print onto the the little bag

or the Horses All Day Long Colelction for the amazing bundle! 
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Black, Flamingo Pink, Grey, Kelly Green, Mocha Brown, Navy Blue


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