• Magnet of equine retina with EMND
  • refrigerator magnet equine retina EMND

Equine Motor Neuron Retina 3 x 3 Magnet


3″x 3″ magnet

Perfect for the refrigerator.

Enjoy the secret beauty of biology every day!

The subject is the retina of a mare named Raven with EMND….


  • This painting is from an image of a horse with EMND: Equine Motor Neuron Disease.
  • Most often horses present with neuromuscular signs  but they can also have lesions in the back of the eye.
  • A sweet mare named Raven was in dire straights and her new owner had her evaluated.
  • Dr. Kathy Jordan did an amazing job bringing this mare back to beautiful condition.
  • It’s amazing that a disease can produce something so beautiful even though it is a dysfunction.

Additional information

Design on the Front

Fearless, Snarky Unicorn


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