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Equestrian Greeting Card Bundle


5 Notecards featuring dressageĀ  horse line art on a light blue background, blank inside.

5 really cool matching envelopes

Matching post it pack

This design is exclusive to us!


Equestrian Note Cards

Blue horse with snaffle bit design

This greeting card set is perfect for any horse lover. You will delight your friends, barn manager, horse trainer or fellow boarders when they receive a lovely card form you.Ā 

5 x 7 cards are designed with a beautiful dressage horse head pattern on a pretty blue background.

The envelope is printed with coordinating artwork both inside the envelope and on the back.

Imagine the surprise your friends will get when they open one of these envelopes!

It is the full equine experience.

These dressage-themed cards plus envelopes are available in a set of 5 .

The whole thing makes a really sweet gift for any horse lover.

Be sure to check out our other equestrian note card options so no one feels left out!.

The Painted Pony :

My Favorite Equestrian Things:


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