• 12 oz latte mug in green with a full cheek bit emblem on each side near the handle
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Mug Bit Emblem 12 oz Latte Coffee Mug


  • 12 oz mug, made of ceramic,  4.0 ” tall and 3.7 “diameter, dishwasher safe and rounded edges for a smooth experience.



Full cheek snaffle bit Latte Coffee Mug

Ceramic Drink-ware for the avid equestrian

Drink-ware, especially coffee mugs are an instant pop of home decor. You can set the style at a dinner party when  you set the table with beautifully equestrian styled coffee mugs. The details are lovely and will be appreciated by the most discerning horsemen and horsewomen. No more boring latte mugs with poorly designed themes, which definitely distract from the experience. When you are an avid equestrian and you are immersing yourself in the feel of equine inspiration, the art matters. Consider these mugs as  functional art!

5 absolutely Iconic  equestrian colors to choose from, so you can bring your barn colors inside your home.

Beautiful full cheek snaffle bit emblem design, reproduced from an original watercolor, so you can start your day with an authentic work of art.

Collect your favorite color combinations or curate your own set to match your heart’s desire.

To browse our beautiful equestrian coffee or tea mugs, you can make a sweet set, go to All Mugs  


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Burgundy, Dark Blue, Mocha Brown, Natural, Teal Green


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