• C4 Equestrian art belt
  • C4 Equestrian art belt
  • C4 original horse art belt

C4 Belt,The Original, Unique Equestrian Design


Authentic C4 belt with vibrant, juicy, dynamic watercolor of two rambunctious horses printed in a repeating pattern, with a gorgeous bronze color metal buckle.

The colors and print are extraordinary. This is truly functional wearable art for the horse lover.

You can literally wear a masterpiece, one that is like eye candy for any equestrian, all day long.

Your friends and barn mates will definitely notice.

C4 belts are 50″ long,  and 1.35″ wide.

They are designed to be trimmed for a perfect fit. Easy trim instructions are included.

C4 is stamped into the backside of the buckle. The buckle is removable and interchangeable.

C4 belts are made with a premium and highly durable Thermo elastomer material which is cruelty-free and designed to endure extreme adventures.

C4 belts are a staple among equestrians. They are a perfect fit for riding britches and you can find equestrians wearing them almost anywhere.

Simply clean with warm water and light soap.

Please allow 5-7  days for individual belt production, and then a few more days for shipping.