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Welcome! I would love to take a moment to tell you a little bit about my work. My favorite medium is watercolor. But, not transparent soft colors, I love to paint in vivid, juicy colors. Colors that remind you of your own horses. Shades and hues that you would see as you walk down the barn aisle, or take the horses out to turnout, or the vibrant sunrise you get to admire on an early horseshow morning.

All of the artwork on my site are my own original works that I offer as beautiful prints. My subjects are real live horses, in all phases of their lives and careers. They may be out competing, or foxhunting, or being rambunctious in the pasture. The bits and pieces of tack subjects are all things that are used on real live horses, many have been used in competition at The Florida Horse Park and some have been out hunting and hunter pacing.

My work is inspired by horses and the lives they lead as the partners which we love so very, very much.

I hope you enjoy browsing!

And I am always happy to answer any questions. You can reach out to me at

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