Who is RemiLee?

What is in a name, anyway...

A beautiful English Shorthair Pointer Dog laying in the grass

Remigton was my original muse. It was this photo of him, taken at a Three Day Event in Florida, that began my watercolor journey.

Remilee & Co Design.

How does an online boutique specializing in captivating equestrian art become named RemiLee? 

Here is my story:

Sweet Remington was my constant companion, my soul dog. A beautiful English Pointer who went everywhere with me and was my faithful trail riding companion for an untold number of miles.  Like most horse people, dogs hold a highly significant place in my heart and life.

It was many years after I lost him, that I began to paint. He was the perfect model, so handsome and regal. 

When I started this business, I wanted a name that was very much like him. Elegant,  beautiful, and a complete original. 

And so I chose to blend his name and mine.

Remi from Remington and Lee from the second half of my name, Nancylee.

English Pointer

Of course, I could not leave out my equine heart horses and muses! They are my joy and  the inspiration for so much of my work, and so they became the “& Co.” They inspire my soul.

two horses dancing together like fred and ginger in black and white
grey horse with flowers in her flowing mane
two bay mares with thier manes done up in flowers
horses galloping

As I painted more and more, I found that original equestrian designs were lacking in availability. There is no limit to the mass-produced ho-hum products at all.  I began to create designs for myself. Friends commented “Ooohhh, I love that!”  frequently and began to request products for themselves. And so, this is how the business of RemiLee & Co evolved.  Our roots are deeply embedded in a passion for horses, and all things equestrian, with a mission toward reflecting your own equestrian journey.