6 Tips: How To Paint A Skeleton On Your Horse For Halloween

You can do this! Tips, Tricks and Techniques for painting on your horse for Halloween Have you ever thought about how to paint your horse for Halloween? October is nearly upon us and so are the Halloween Costume Classes at horse shows! So many people love dressing up their horses in costumes for Halloween. I think it’s great and love the creativity of horse people. They really go all out! So this year, I wanted to try my hand at painting a skeleton on my own horse.  It was a lot of fun to do, but also harder than I expected. So that inspired me to do a little post about it, and share with you the tips, tricks and techniques that I discovered!    Horse skeleton designs are so much fun!  People love them whether they are anatomy and locomotion enthusiasts, or just into good old Halloween fun. Tip/Technique # 1: Paint Which kind of paint is safe to paint on a horse? This is really important. We want to have fun this Halloween and we don’t want to make our horse sick! Tempera paint is really safe and the majority of options are non-toxic. You can apply with your fingers or with a brush. You should ALWAYS check the label and make sure it says NON-Toxic and Washable. There is a nice line of paint made by Tail Tamer, called Pony Paints just for painting on horses. You can find it on the Amazon link here Stay away from any other kind of spray paint, or acrylics, as they are toxic to horses. For my horse, I used “Arti-san” paints available at Hobby Lobby They have a wide variety of colors. Go with classic black and white or monstrous greens and devilish reds! I used a total of … Continue reading 6 Tips: How To Paint A Skeleton On Your Horse For Halloween